K5 Blazer New Engine

L92 6.2L V8

When our K5 Blazer rolled off the assembly line in 1986 it had a fresh small block 5.7L 350, arguably the most popular engine in the world and can be found almost anywhere. Since that time our K5 has seen a nice upgrade to its current big block 7.4L 454 more commonly found in its one ton variant. The 454 has been a great engine and has done exactly what we originally planned which is simply make more power. Read more…

K5 Blazer – Right Stuff Brake Lines

Right Stuff Brake Lines Flared End

In the process of restoring the rear axle of my K5 Blazer I wanted to go ahead and paint it, replace the diff cover and put on some better brake lines. I started searching the web trying to find a good replacement brake line for my 12 bolt rear axle and ended up at Right Stuff Detailing. Read more…

K5 Blazer – Evaluating the floors


The simplest thing to do when starting on the full interior restoration of any car is to pull out all the seats, pull out the carpet and see what kind of condition your floors are in. The condition of your floors can tell you a lot about the condition of the entire car.
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K5 Blazer – Mechanical Fuel Pump Install

One of the first things we wanted to do on our K5 Blazer was convert the Holley Blue electric fuel pump to a factory mechanical unit from AC Delco. When I owned our K5 Blazer the first time I opted for the Holley fuel pump because I was sold that the Big Block Chevy motor needed more fuel. In reality it does need more fuel but from the carb not the fuel pump.

The Holley fuel pump was installed in the rear passenger side wheel well with rubber fuel lines coming from the frame under the body then to the pump and back into the frame. It was an absolute joke how it was installed. If the K5 Blazer would have flexed one good time it would have ripped the pump out and gas would have gone everywhere, not safe.

I’m not blaming anyone other than myself on how the pump was installed, I checked it after it was done and paid the man… I was only 17, I didn’t know any better at the time. To be brutally honest the thing that bothered me most about the pump was the noise it created while it was running. Even over my Flowmaster 40 series exhaust I could hear that damn fuel pump buzzing, or even screaming!

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K5 Blazer – First Tune Up

K5 Blazer First Tune Up

The first step of any classic auto restoration is a good tune up. A tune up lets you know where your’re starting with the vehicle. Our K5 Blazer already ran well but it’s still a good idea to go through the basics and make sure everything is operating like it should.

I did a quick visual inspection of the K5 so we would know exactly what we needed to do. We assumed it would be a basic tune up with spark plugs, wires, cap/rotor, air filter, fuel filter etc. but after seeing what condition our K5 Blazer was in when we got it back there were a few extra things that needed to be addressed. Read more…