Engine - L92 from 2010 Cadillac Escalade, Same as LS3 with VVT
Transmission - 6L80e 6 speed auto from 2010 Cadillac Escalade
Transfer Case - NP205 from Moonshine Mafia, 1350 CVs (I have extra cans of the cast iron paint)
Rear Axle - 12 Bolt, 4.56 Gear, Detriot Tru Trac, Summit Disc Brake Conversion
Front Axle - 10 Bolt, 4.56 Gear, Open Diff, Warn Hubs (power coat black)
Driveshafts - None Yet

Wheels - TrailReady HD17 - 17x8.5 Satin Black, Satin Black World Series Ring - $2,500
Tires - Maxxis RAZR 37X12.50R17LT load range E


This is the seat pattern our of another K5 I found. I like it but wouldn't do the design in the middle inserts, just perforated leather. I also did a pencil sketch of more like my seat design.

The H1 Alpha seats are nice. A little more plain. I also added a pencil sketch and can explain it more in person.

These are the 2018 chevy seats. I like the design where they used 2 types of leather and perforated in the middle section. In the pencil drawings everything shaded is perforated.


I like the displays in the dash, obviously we can't do that but maybe where the console goes back up into the dash we could put a GPS system. I also like how the panel to the right of the shifter is inlayed into the dash.

This is a nice classic looking console but a little too basic.

This one is by far my favorite design, I love the phone holder that raises the phone and we could even put a charging cable hole at the bottom of that to keep the phone plugged in on the pedestle. The tray between the cupholders and the larger tray around the cell phone are really nice features. The three cup holders on the back are really nice. Just needs places for shifters. The window switches could go directly under the front of the storage lid.

I like this dual cig lighter for chargers or whatever. The little LED is nice too, I think I can get those as west marine. USB Charger Small courtesy light

Another shot of the back of a console and how they have extra cup holders and a light.

Gas shock and an interior led would be a really nice touch to function. Inside Console LED 6" strip

I really like the wrap and stiching on this one. I also like the silver colered base and how the window switches are mounted.

I like the exposed stiching in this one as well, maybe work with the seats and do a little on both. The window switches on this one are nice as well. We could do the front windows and rear window here. window switches

The carbon fiber is a cool look for maybe an inside base instead of the silver like in the previous picture. Probably wouldn't show dirst as bad either.

Just a cool pre-runner console in a k5 but very different that what I need.

I like this console and the layout is nice. I don't like the metal but wrapped it's pretty nice.

Just another example of an elbow height box with a good layout.

Everything on the truck will either be Jeep Wrangler Granite Crystal Metallic or Gloss Black.
Jeep Paint Code --- Granite Crystal Metallic --- PAU --- 933729 (PPG Color)

As of now there are no fuel lines, fuel regulator or return. I purchased Aeroquip soft lines to go from the fuel tank to the hard lines on the frame and from the frame to the engine. I would like to use Aeroquip lines for the soft lines or whatever you recommend so I don't get a fuel smell if the truck sits for a while in my garage. Previous experience with normal braided fuel lines was not good. I would also like to make sure there is enough soft fuel line at the tank end I can lower and remove the tank without issues from the lines.
Fuel Pressure Regulator
External Fuel Filter (if needed)

For the hard fuel lines, Stainless Steel is preferred.

I am also using a fuel tank and sending unit from a 1991 K5 Blazer as that year model was fuel injected and the sending unit has a return. I have fitted a Walbro 255 pump into the factory GM sending unit and installed it in the tank. The sending unit has also been fitted with AN fittings for installation.

I would like to have a custom air intake if possible. Here are some pictures of the intake I would like fabricated on another truck similar to mine. I don't need the plexiglass cover but whatever works is fine. I will be running dual battery so this setup is perfect.

The only portion of the body exterior I could see that needs repair/attention is where the hard top mounts to the roof on the drivers side, there are some pin holes in the sheet metal.

The door locks have been shaved from the front doors and the entire bulkhead has been shaved from the tailgate. This will require keyless entry to lock/unlock the vehicle. Not sure how to build in a mechanical backup? Also, the door mirrors I provided are from a 1st generation Bronco in flat black. These may need to be re coated in Satin Black. I have included photos below of where to mount the Bronoc mirrors on the doors so they look correct. For door handles I am going to use a new billet handle that has just been released and we can have them powder coated satin black.
Billett Handles

I'm not 100% on the front grille layout but I think I will use the factory grille and just paint it black and then do the chevy emblem in the body color. The light bezels will also be black and I will run LED headlight in the top bezel and LED off-road lights in the lower bezel. The rendering below shows a gray/black combo square body truck. I also want to do the factory bumpers in the satin black. My factory front bumper has the large pushers on it so I may find one without the pushers as i'm not a big fan of that look. I also want to have a winch mounted in the front behind the factory bumper and I think the picture below is a very clean execution of having a winch while keeping the factory look. I will have a winch with a syntheric line and smaller fairlead, that should make it look cleaner so a giant winch fairlead isn't sticking out of the bumper.

I want to keep the tailgate clean with just a simple trim piece that runs the length of the tailgate and have that coated satin black. I will have billett emblems made to install on the trim. A similar setup is in the picture below.

I have all of the glass, I just need to take it and have it refurbished and polished.

I am going to use a soft top instead of the fiberglass top. I have ordered a softopper top and it should bolt into the existing fiberglass top holes. Black in color, tinted windows.
Softopper Video

Note - Please use all GM style weather pak connectors LINK or if needed waterproof heat shrink style butt connectors LINK. Also, all lighting will be LED.

The truck had a dual battery setup from the factory and I will continue to run a dual battery setup with 2 optima batteries. This setup will require a battery isolator kit so I can run the winch and accessories off a secondary battery and not have to worry about the primary battery dying.

The headlights will be Truck Lite 5x7 LED. I will need to do a conversion from the current 4 headlight setup to the 2 headlight setup with integral turn signals. This will require a new core support.